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Kit: Bentley 4½ Blower

Foto de Frente
Modelista: Geert Heijl
Escala: 1/12
Fabricante: Airfix

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his build is from first issued kitversion from 1971. From all the Blowers that still exist is no one the same. All the Blowers are cars which still are used to drive. These owners made their own specialities on their cars, other steering wheel other seats, other seatcovers, other dashboardlayout, different toolboxes and more. At Schloss Dyck Classic Days there are every year about 25 of these Blowers, so I was inspired to make my Bentley. Wheatering like a long week driving to the country, rope around the steering wheel, the colouring of the exhaust, some items which the driver uses, a toolbox of an old winecase, different rallysigns.